Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • Since 1977, Christopher Community has administered the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (referred to as Section 8) for Onondaga County. We provide rent subsidies for more than 1000 seniors, families and disabled individuals located throughout Onondaga County.
  • In addition, we manage the Project Based Vouchers for Brighton Towers, a senior citizen housing complex.
  • We provide Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers (VASH) for veterans in need of housing assistance.
  • We also provide referral services for families in need of social services. Our partners include Onondaga County Department of Social Services, Neighborhood Legal Services, Child Abuse Prevention Program, Family Counseling Services and other similar programs.
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Property Management

Christopher Community is the designated managing agent for many existing subsidized apartment communities in upstate New York. We provide expert, professional management of government-funded properties. Our long history of working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the low-income housing tax credit program, USDA Rural Development, and numerous other federal, New York State and local programs results in Christopher Community being thoroughly versed in funding procedures and regulations for assisted housing operations. Christopher Community is capable of assuming management of any property in upstate New York.

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Rental Housing Development

Christopher Community has been developing affordable rental housing for seniors, families and special needs populations since 1971. Development projects are located across upstate New York, from Utica to Buffalo and Watertown to Binghamton. Numerous local organizations wishing to sponsor housing in their communities have engaged Christopher Community as their “housing consultant”. More than 70 of these projects remain under our management.

Funding sources used successfully in our projects include the whole range of federal, New York State, local and private programs available for affordable housing. We often coordinate the use of multiple funding sources for a single project. One of our many strengths is researching and using new funding sources for future housing projects.

Christopher Community continues to develop and offer consulting services to other not-for-profits to provide much needed housing for elderly and low-income families in upstate New York.