Request for Proposals: 10-16-19

Christopher Community is making project-based Housing Choice vouchers available on a limited, competitive basis. If your organization is looking to do a project, please see below for details.

Request for Proposal: Notice is hereby given that Christopher Community, as Administrator for the Village of Manlius/Onondaga County Consortium Section 8 Program, is seeking proposals from qualified development agencies for the implementation of project based vouchers into permanent supportive housing projects for special needs populations and housing projects that promote economic diversity pursuant to HUD 24CFR Part 983 and Christopher Community’s Administrative plan. Christopher Community estimates that there will be up to 16 vouchers available. All comments and questions concerning this Request for Proposal (RFP) and the corresponding procedures and requirements must be addressed in writing, via mail or via e-mail to the following:

Robert Weismore, Director of Section 8 Program
Christopher Community, Inc.
990 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203

Copies of the RFP and all application materials may be found at Christopher Community’s website: or hard copies may be obtained at Christopher Community’s main office located at 990 James Street Syracuse, NY 13203.

Upon request electronic copies of the RFP and application documents may also be obtained via electronic mail. Proposals must be received by Tuesday November 26, 2019 by 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time in order to be considered eligible for review. Proposals that are not received by the designated time and in the manner designated in the RFP will be rejected. Proposers are required to comply with all requirements set forth in HUD 24CFR Part 983, the RFP and Christopher Community’s Administrative Plan.

View Request for Proposal
View Request for Proposal